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Most Requested Topics

Staying Relevant in an Ever-Changing World

The pace of change is accelerating exponentially. How do you stay ahead of the curve and avoid becoming a dinosaur? Anat Baron helps you view change as your organization’s greatest opportunity. She reviews the five biggest challenges we face today: 1) technology adoption, 2) the new consumer, 3) the multigenerational workplace, 4) the battle for attention and 5) disruption everywhere and provides strategies for adapting to this new world by creating a point of difference and keeping customers and employees engaged. With a call to redefine innovation from the inside out, transform the customer experience, and focus on engagement and collaboration, Anat Baron provides an action plan for embracing change and remaining relevant (for now).

Disrupt or Die: A Wake Up Call

Disruptive companies insert themselves into established markets, posing a viable threat to incumbents. Just look at how Amazon disrupted retail, how Netflix disrupted entertainment and how Uber disrupted transportation. All in the past 20 years! How will your organization thrive in a world where technology has challenged the status quo by enabling new business models? Or where consumers are demanding more authenticity and transparency? Anat Baron delivers the wake up call you’ve been waiting for — and provides actionable ways to succeed. She shares real life examples of organizations reinventing themselves to win by mastering innovation, collaboration and community. This thought-provoking and informative presentation will give you strategies to bridge the gap and succeed as we race toward 2020 and beyond.

Winning the Battle for Attention

Welcome to the Attention Economy. Every day, 4.6 billion pieces of content are produced, making attention the most valuable currency of the 21st century. How will your organization break through? Anat Baron shows you how to excel at capturing customer attention and trust by delivering the right content, in the right dose, at the right moment, using the right information on the right platform. She also highlights the enormous opportunity to create an emotional connection through impactful storytelling that finds the right balance between head and heart. Complete with action steps to redefine communication, innovation and collaboration, Anat Baron doesn’t just make the case for embracing change – she shows you how to implement it.

The Empowered Consumer

You’ll never look at your relationship with customers in the same way again. Anat Baron guides you through a world where brands are no longer in control. Consumers are in charge — and what they’re looking for has changed dramatically. Empowered consumers are more interested in value than price. And they aren’t just looking for products and services to buy — they’re seeking meaningful experiences and relationships over transactions. Anat Baron examines this brave new landscape, translates the trends and brings it all back to building relationships. She provides strategies to help your organization communicate more openly and authentically, engage in two-way conversations about your brand, and have the agile leadership and transparency it takes to react in real time.

New Topics

Women: the World’s Largest Emerging Market

That’s right. It isn’t China. Or India. Today, women control 75% of household spending in the U.S. By 2028, 75% of discretionary spending worldwide will be controlled by women. Anat Baron explores how this substantial opportunity is hiding in plain sight – both with consumers and as an untapped resource within your own organization. Sharing real world examples from her successful career in multiple male-dominated industries, she highlights how she shifted male-centered perspectives, expanded market share and increased profits by focusing on women. She also offers current examples of organizations that are building authentic relationships with women by discovering what they really want. This eye-opening presentation separates myths and stereotypes from reality and shows you how to harness the power of women and benefit from their growing economic impact.

The Art of Storytelling

In business, storytelling is the new new thing. Stories powerfully connect us to our employees and customers. Stories put our whole brain to work and not only make us feel more engaged but help us remember more. What gets remembered becomes top of mind – the Holy Grail. Based on her work with brands and in Hollywood, Anat Baron will help show your audience how to create stories that resonate, and have the power to change attitudes, beliefs and behaviors.

Tried and True

Getting Unstuck

It’s hard to turn an elephant. Inertia forces companies to keep moving forward, often when they should be changing direction. The world changes around them but they’re stuck in the status quo doing what they’ve always done. Based on her experience leading Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Anat Baron demonstrates that the only way out is to shift into reverse, take a cold hard look at what needs to change, and shift back into drive, taking a brand-new route.

Breaking the Rules

Most people and organizations lead a roller coaster existence and operate by a set of pre-determined rules. In order to innovate you must be creative, break the rules, decide on the direction you want to take, and convince others of your vision, whether it’s starting a business, launching a new product or searching for strategies to beat the competition. In this presentation, Anat Baron helps you set a new path and break out of the status quo.