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“Anat provided insight into the ever-changing markets, which made the audience think about the future of our technology. She was able to help boost innovation through her examples and stories. We truly enjoyed her presentation.”
Bridgestone Americas

“Fantastic! Material and delivery were great. Clearly the highlight of the day. You touched on numerous topics that really resonated with all of us.”
AMC Theatres

“I must say Anat blew the doors off one of our top large conferences. She had them thinking, laughing, and yes, even a few boomers pushing back.”
Bank of America Merrill Lynch

“We just wanted to thank you again for your wonderful talk this morning. The team really enjoyed it and came away with a lot of insights. You were exactly the spark we were looking for.”
Ares Management

“I have had the privilege of hearing Anat present to two groups recently. Anat’s message is reaching far beyond the groups she has spoken to, as those individuals continue to openly address upcoming market and employment trends. Her ability to bring her witty humor to the lighting speed marketplace changes and how we are responding to them, is truly one of a kind. In the months following her presentations, I hear people around our organization and the non-profit that I work with, as they grow in their understanding and more actively identify changes that are occurring in every realm of consumer’s lives. Most exciting however, is seeing how Anat’s message has been the catalyst for people to create meaningful changes to stay relevant!”
Northwest Farm Credit Services

“Thank you for speaking to our leadership team. Your talk was both educational and inspiring, and most importantly asked the team to look within themselves to determine what they were going to do differently to win. Yours was the highest commented session of the day generating quite the buzz.”
Farmers Insurance

“Wanted to let you know how amazing Anat was! Our audience loved her!!”
NACHA, The Electronic Payments Association

“Thanks for a wonderful presentation. You educated and challenged the AHOU members to recognize the speed of change around us, the value of being connected in today’s world, and how to value the talents and contributions from our Millennial colleagues and customers.”
AHOU (Association of Home Office Underwriters)

“Anat did a very, very well-received presentation. She received rave reviews, pointing out the relevance of her topic, her keen sense of humor and her ability to engage the audience. No one left early which is a testament to her ability to keep everyone interested.”
Intercompany Long Term Care Industry

“Your keynote speech during the World Chambers Competition Awards Ceremony greatly contributed to the success of this event and stimulated great discussion later on during our statutory meetings.”
ICC World Chambers Federation

“Thanks for ensuring this years CLC was a success! Anat’s presentation went off without a hitch and our attendees loved her. Many many thanks for helping us inspire change and support the efforts of our network around the world!”
United Way Worldwide Community Leaders Conference

“We really appreciate you sharing your experience and expertise in a way that should move local United Ways to action. Thank you for closing out our conference on such a strong note.”
United Way Worldwide Fundraising for Impact Summit