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Anat’s Story

Anat Baron’s energizing presence and impressive track record as an entrepreneur, filmmaker and force behind Mike’s Hard Lemonade sets her apart in the speaking world. A passionate problem solver and rule breaking trendsetter, Baron shares expertise gained in a wide range of industries to help your organization reset thinking, embrace change and overcome obstacles. Through engaging and often humorous storytelling, Baron brings her thought-provoking insights to a breadth of topics: building brands, getting attention in an ADD world, the new empowered consumer, the experience economy, disruption and more. Known for getting excited about client businesses and reinvigorating their brands, she creates presentations that mirror your objectives, take on your organization’s challenges, and leave audiences informed and inspired.

Currently the CEO of Stashwall, Inc., an early-stage, game changing technology startup, Anat Baron is best known as the wunderkind behind Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Within three years, she grew Mike’s into a $200 million juggernaut—establishing a new product category in the ultra-competitive beer industry. She did this despite her allergy to alcohol. Baron’s eclectic and highly successful career has included working with well-known hotel brands including Four Seasons, Holiday Inn and Radisson and as a Hollywood executive and producer. After leaving Mike’s, she combined her entertainment and business know-how to write, produce, and direct Beer Wars, an award-winning documentary film that explores capitalism and free enterprise in 21st century America.

Always ready (and willing) to provide her point of view, Anat has been both in front of and behind the camera, on stage speaking to audiences of hundreds or thousands and is active on social media. She has been quoted or interviewed in 500+ TV, radio, print and online press outlets, including: CNN, Fox News, CBS Morning News, WB Morning News, Inc., Entrepreneur, New York Post, Los Angeles Times and Thrillist.

Driving Baron’s success as a business leader, speaker, and lifelong learner is her strong belief that organizations and individuals should thrive on change rather than fear it. She infuses this inspiring point of view into every presentation — motivating audiences to take charge and galvanizing them into action. Her compelling, no nonsense, audience centric approach makes her the perfect speaker for today’s increasingly fast changing world.