About Anat

Anat BaronAnat Baron’s eclectic career as an entrepreneur, filmmaker, corporate executive and strategic consultant encompasses marketing, development and operations within a diverse range of industries including hospitality, airlines, beverage alcohol, packaged goods, real estate and entertainment.

Anat recently launched StashWall, a tech startup that will revolutionize the relationship people have with their stuff – both online and off. Like many of her of ventures, it was created out of a personal need – this time, to have everything in one place.

Prior to this latest venture, she plunged (head first) into independent filmmaking, producing and directing a feature length documentary — Beer Wars. The film tells the David and Goliath story of the $100 billion US beer industry and is in wide distribution through Warner Bros.

Her insider’s perspective into the beer business was developed while Anat was General Manager of mike’s hard lemonade where she helped grow this entrepreneurial company to $200 million in sales.

Prior to working with mike’s and the events of 9/11, Anat was poised to become America’s travel expert through her multimedia startup – Travel Fanatic. Combining her background in the travel industry and Hollywood experience, she quickly became a much sought after guest and appeared on dozens of TV shows and in national magazines.

Before becoming The Travel Fanatic, Anat was a Hollywood producer and development executive who developed over 40 films, mostly for television. She executive produced A Murder On Shadow Mountain for CBS.

Anat moved to Los Angeles (for the weather) from Toronto where she was a senior hotel company executive and ran her own consulting business specializing in international strategy and marketing.